ExamX was established in 2003 to provide computer based assessment and practice tests for members of the New York City Police Department studying for promotion. Since that time, we have assisted countless members of the service in their exam preparation, resulting in improved scores and list position.
Our comprehensive practice exams encompass all aspects of the Patrol Guide, Administrative Guide, Interim Orders, Penal Law, and Legal Bureau Bulletins. Each test is carefully modeled after actual promotional exams, providing as much realism and practice as possible. Upon completion, you will be provided a full report of your results, breaking down each area of study, with full explanations of every question and their answers.
ExamX is not a one stop shop and the use of our services alone will not likely be enough. There are several promotional schools that provide an excellent education and can well prepare you for your exam. Our role is simple. We provide a resource to test your knowledge and validate your efforts.
Successful test taking is the result of dedication, studying, preparation, and most of all, practice. ExamX provides a robust pool of questions which are used to create quality practice tests that will best prepare you for your actual exam.